Everyone has a story to tell
but some choose to hide it
because of other’s judgement
They judge what they don’t know

I was once an innocent girl who knew nothing about life
I never had a clue of what life is like out there
I thought everyone was like me
I thought everyone had the same heart as me
was kind like me
I saw innocence in everyone
but I was fooled

such an innocent young girl
but life chose a path for me

I had to walk through darkness
I had to walk through patches
I had to go through the veld
I had to go through the journey of life
to learn about life

It always felt like a dream
I refused to believe it
It never felt real I believed in good
but now it’s a different story

On this journey
I saw much
On this journey
I learnt so much
Through the betrayal
the failure
the selfishness
the ego of other people
I am bigger than before

Salt can look like a sugar
People aren’t always who they seem to be
They are not what I expected them to be like

There’s a devil inside an angel
There’s a thief inside of a congregate
There is bad within good

What’s important now is to keep moving
Keep pushing only for your own benefit

On this journey I learned
that life is not a living but a game
Life is not like a book
a book has an ending

In 2020 I learnt who are real
and who are fake people
but I’ll shut my mouth
and play mind games with them
they say a difficult road
often leads to a beautiful destination

How many times do I have to feel sorry myself?
People have hurt me many times
but will I always have the heart to forgive them?
But for what, to get hurt again?

Time is ticking

Tick tick tick tick