What is poetry?
It’s that bank notification of an ‘earned’ income,
That Chronical drug that gets you dancing with the stars and kissing with the sun,
Stronger than heroin and cocaine combined.

I love it when it has that fast-slow then fast flow of rhyme schemes,
As metaphors and similes enter you from both sides leaving your body in arcs of pleasure.
Isn’t poetry a good pleaser?

It’s a great investment that gets you spending your mind because you’re paying attention.
It has that ‘your new life will cost you your old life’ written fine print;
Who even reads the fine print?

I love the ability it gives you.
To tell the deepest of secrets in a language many don’t understand,
The ability to spit fire and inhale the ashes as I blow your mind.
That ‘Boom’, ‘Click’, ‘Bang’, call it onomatopoeia
Isn’t that word Orgasm?