When you mistake desire for love:
Getting a feeling that it will last forever,
Side-lining all of your friends.
Everyone becomes an enemy when they try to advise you.
Paranoia turns to reality.

Like an ocean wave you are tormented.
Like a side dish you are stranded without an escape,
When family turns to foe.
Infatuation takes over your whole life
Like a burning fire, tears stick under the eyelid.

When hope and dreams are buried under the mud,
Promises are broken and trust has vanished,
No one is here to help and rescue you.
When that desire has been fed, you find you were played.
Momentary pleasure is satisfied.
No one to call or talk to.
Innocence stolen through deceiving and lying.

When your own voice scares you,
When your pride and ambitions are no longer important,
Time is lost and wasted and you blame yourself,
Realizing a pro mocked your hair with trickery.
So the heaven and earth you were promised are no longer valid.
Like rubbish, you are tossed aside on dry land.