Why did you have to leave me the way that you did?
So sudden with no warning. What changed,
what happened to all the love you declared to me?
Did it all just disappear into thin air?
Or all this time you were just lying to my face?

I guess deep down I always knew that a
day would come were you would leave me,
I just never imagined it being so soon.
I mean we were supposed to figure out
the rest of our lives together side by side
but you had to change the plans.

You chose a different path for yourself that
doesn’t include me or all the plans and
promises we made to each other.

Now tell me what am I supposed to do with
all the feelings I feel for you? Am I supposed
to just pretend that they no longer there and
carry on with my life?

I made plans for us, all the plans for my
life were made having you in mind.
A year later even though you no longer part of
my life it’s hard for me to make new ones that
don’t include you because in the end I still hope
it’s me and you.