Night his dark shawl has spread
Eyelids begin to sag like a clothesline carrying heavy blankets
The arms of Morpheus sneakily make an embrace
whisper, “Resist not, go to bed.”
Suddenly my angel overcomes a snooze & is wide awake
as a soldier just in for his shift.
She has enough energy for outer space & back.
She’s communicating something.
Sleep, Father comes last after this.
stories I must read, her soul to feed;
stories I must tell, she wants to grow.
Past playground time there’s more.
In her heart is room for planets endless
Some such as earth for the adventurer,
firefighter, farmer, scholar, aha, president.
In her sleep she will be the protagonist
The brave, fortunate, princely character, else
the underdog who’ll later on triumph
overcoming odds; so a tear it will be first, then a smile.
The smile of a little one brings happiness,
happiness that outshines the sun.