They were born…

Like us they breathe.
They are the humans.
Not just a thing, but something.
They too are important.

It is not just painful.
But more than painful.
Deep inside of that responsible person’s heart it’s burning.
Day after day those women are living in fear.
Hear the words of a man hurt by other men’s deeds.
They call us dogs because of things like these.
If I may ask…

What kind of a man rapes and kills a woman.
Were they not created for us.
To live with rather than to kill them?

MaAfrica sukumani.
Sizwe esimnyama bambanani.
Nilwe nabenzi bobubi phakamani

They are our sisters, mothers, children…they are imbokodo.

Let the killing of our mothers and sisters end.

Brothers and fathers let us fight for this Land’s peace.