Why do we love ?
Love , isn’t suppose to be fun ?
I tried to make you happy
I waited for you to say thank you , patiantly

You would tell me I was not worth it
Yet I sticked around
You pushed me on the ground,
I couldn’t get up after
You told me you loved me
Yet your actions said otherwise

I kept believing in you ,while you fed me lies
” It’s over .” I said, still you told me you would change
So I forgave you again.
Again , and again !

You kept saying sorry for the same mistakes
I would go sit by the lakes
Where I knew I could scream, cry all I want
It seemed I was stuck on you
You knew.
Yet you took advantage of me !

I guess I’m the one to blame
For you to give me excuses that were lame
I discovered the courage to get up
” You will never love someone else” he said
” Why ? Because you had control over me? Those days are long gone ” I said

I got up and left
I never looked back
But I still think of him , instead.