To you, I’m now probably some old shack
One small untidy shack
With one small window and a cracked roof

I know you reside in a better and stronger house
You totally forgot about me
And that I used to shelter you
For more than a decade

You probably found a house
With a stronger material and larger space
But don’t forget so quickly
I was a warm home

Think of how I endured the pain
Of accommodating all your heavy and old luggage
For all those years

Think about those sparkling
Sunrays I used let in through
My small window
Every morning

Yes, my holes and cracks were bad
On rainy and windy days
I’m sorry that I used to let cold air and rain get inside
But think of how the same cracks allowed fresh air to get in
On hot days

Remember I used to bear your moods and streaks
Never complained when you shouted inside me
And threw fists at my wall

But I’m sorry that I used to let other houses next to me
Hear all happening, the swearing and yelling
I couldn’t keep them to myself

But remember, I’m still a home
I’m a warm shack
Not clean for sure, not stable and beautiful
But definitely WARM