In this life alone,
Our union has been one of the little joyful moments I was spared
As tears come crumbling down my cheek bones
Like water on waterfalls,
A trip down memory lane is taken
So I can once more give the smile, beautiful smile you loved
If ever you loved I, how did I become not enough?
If ever you loved I, why do I shed not tears of joy but those of heartache?
If ever you loved I, how could I not be enough anymore?

The way we owned happiness I never thought I’d be the one crying now
How you loved me then, makes me jealous of how you’re gonna love the next one
You held me in Your arms,
In your chest I lay,
With our hearts beating as one
Stupid and naive,
I never listened to anyone when they warned me off you.
Avoided them like plague,
Little did I know it was you I should have avoided
Yesterday I was the love of your life
Today I’m no better than the scorned married woman
You promised I’d never be
Tomorrow, if ever at all you loved me yesterday,
You will love me once more,