I remember the time I was six, when I got a hiding from my dad whenever I failed to say my maths times tables, 1-12 every morning before I left for school.
I remember the times I was told that I would never get taller than 5 feet, because I constantly carried things that were much heavier than I weighed upon my head.
I remember the first time I learnt to ride a bicycle, and I was continuously told that I would never learn how to ride a bicycle without falling off.
I remember the horrific scar that will always remind me of my first attempt.
I remember the time when I accidently cut my knee open as I was attempting to flee from the guard who maintained the mango trees that we stole from.
I remember my first time when I set my feet on South African soil and saw things that I had never seen back in my home country, such as fancy cars, electricity, and developed infrastructure.