I remember my first ever performance at the hall of a school I had never heard of, thinking that when I bounced the stage would bounce back.
I remember the first time I got into the studio and didn’t even know what adlibs were.
I remember my dad buying me an abacus with a look in his eyes that told me I was going to be a genius.
I remember wearing a captain’s armband and holding the 5-a-side trophy at the end of our tournament win.
I remember not having the guts to speak to any girl at the parties because I wasn’t “cool” enough.
I remember the late beach walk I took with her. I thought that it would always be like that: just her, me, and the ocean parallel to the movement of our “love”.
I remember being in a passenger seat whilst my brother played Mick Jenkins The healing component album as we drove through New Germany after a long day at the park.