First day in adversity was so quiet; maybe I was timid.
I tried to start serious conversations with well knowns,
While I was unknown…
With those talks my value was diminished.
I was diffident, I was sheep in goat
Until they realised I was a sheep to be sheared
That was planted raid.

I wanted no friend, ‘cause no one could bear my sorrow besides me.
I usually sit in desks, where no one could see to hide my sorrow.
I rock and rolled in chairs, searching in mind what to eat
Besides words on my books;
I was glad that no one saw me.
I held my head high where I could see no me
But home with mud and dung
Where everyone spots saliva when looking at.
I held pains of my sister and brother,
Not to mention tears of my mom: searching for tomorrow.

I slept with pen in my hand, and woke by alarm which says “Break was over”.
I had few people to pour tears but they weren’t able
To handle my baggage on my face
So I chose to shut up and walk with it instead.
My dreams were scatted in desks and books
While I learn through scars to get day over.
The day I got inferior while test carried my low
But I bang my back for backup;
That’s when they get their hands together.

Timid guy got beyond barricades of life,
That’s Monday when car nearly took my breath; that was agony.
Smoke of life was scant and hospital was place for my second death,
Till now I woke up in death.
I saw myself floating in Blood and thunderstorms of words,
That’s when thirst was quenched in death.

If stars are good enough they would save me in sleep of injuries,
If God was good I could be resurrected from new leaf;
I am dead living