I know you heard that
I am from the dust,
That does not mean
My love is all covered
In dust as well

I know that half of
The things that this
Mouth whispers
About my life is true,
But my love for you
Is genuinely true

I know I don’t have
Many dollars in my
Bank account, I have
A lot of love in store
For your heart in my

I know my life isn’t
Perfect as your mind
Hopes a guy to be,
The love I have for
You is real like God’s

I know people call
You pretty but I love
What’s inside you
More than your pretty

I know you’ve been
Through a lot but I
Will be there for you
To mend your memories
Into happy ones

I know a lot of guys have
Used you like toilet
Paper but I can never
Abandon you like a
Loveless mother who
Throws her baby in a
Toilet, for my love for
You is original like
Jesus’ love

I know I messed up
When I told you I wasn’t
Ready for love but I was
Only building a castle
For your love

I know I’ve got issues
But my brain went to
School to learn about
Commitment that is
Alternate to your love

I know I lied to people
That I only like you as
A friend but deep inside
I loved you like my mother
For I never spend a day
Without seeing my mother