What is it that you see and what is it that you don’t?
Look closer. Look a little closer.
Now do you see? Yes me.
I’ve got the magic in me.
And if you cannot see me,
Fear not for you shall definitely hear my roar
as words tremble at my feet
With the pen as my sword
like a samurai moving swiftly and sound
as one with the wind.

I’ve got the magic in me to take letters and form words
Not just any words but enticing words
Words when even spoken in angelic tongues
still bring about devious intentions to the tempted ear.
Oh and I don’t wear Prada
so do not mistake me for the devil,
I am but an African Rain Queen
blessed with secret powers bestowed upon me
by my ancestors who roamed this land
long before mere sentence were enough to explain the magic inside me.

The magic that lied within the hearts of the women
who marched against the pass laws during the apartheid era.
I’ve got the magic to create a feeling to these words.
A feeling that will give birth to an emotion.
An emotion that will surely quench the thirst of a soul
that is creeping under words that form questions
and finally find relief in a bed well made with answers.

I heard a melody, I felt the rhythm and I danced to the tune.
Words were written a song was sung and with the magic in me these words manifest into rhythmic elements
far more melodic than a Shakespearean sonnet.
So tell the porter to hurry for I’ve got the magic in me
And I’m still not flying on a broom.