I hate how I love everything about you
I hate how I think about you all the time
I hate how I wish to do fun, exciting stuff with you,
Wishes and wishes, my heart’s exhausted

I hate how I pay attention to all the things that make you wonderful
The looks…the voice and personality etc.
Blinded by love my eyes have seen it all
Humble and kind, I think you’re wife-material
You’ve taught me what it really means to be kind,

I hate how you’re so unique, kinda special
I hate how you’re so good at keeping your cool in stressful situations
I hate how I’d do whatever it takes just to see you smile

Most of all,
I hate how you refuse to date me
It breaks my heart knowing that perhaps you’ll never be mine
I hate how you made me realise that love exists and left me hanging
I hate how I wish I could be kissing you right now or holding your hand in public
I hate how you got me writing this poem (if it’s a poem) at 01:22 AM
I hate how I love you so much