Here are my own counts…
One, two, three, four,
Five per hour. These are
Not just the counts but
Human being bodies.

I was kind like unconscious.
Breathing heavily, eyes ready
To blast in tears.
Shaking, fearing and mad
When I think she’s on the
line to be admitted.

I felt coldness of the
Hospital bench. It was
Not a cold as ordinary
Man can think. It was
Sharing for me only the
Sorrow and shame.

Telling me it’s heavy
Load of people tears
And suffering. All
Those people had
Visited this Hospital.

Watched her on fighting
Face, laying on a bed
Wished could help her.
As she asked for help
But that sister was just,
Just too busy with other
Patients to help my lovely mom.

Too busy to help my suffering
Mom and other old people, I saw
Them when moving my eyes around.
Till I commanded the sister to
Accompany my mom to the loo.

Their system made me angry
Since then. It was not my
First time seeing such a
Treatment. Insufficiency of
Integrity, obedience and

I have seen people dying
Just in front of my eyes.
Right in our public hospitals.
I am not ready to see that
Happening, happening to my
Fellow brothers and sisters.
Not in my South African country.

Doctors why are you failing
Your own parents, so hurting.
Why you are failing your own

Tell me that are all this
Fatality caused by natural
Death. Does diagnosis correct
Scale to help to cure people
All the time. Are you that
Busy to take a patient to all
The medical testing steps.

My mother was not the only
Pensioner who lost her life
Because of your careless,
Self-centred and ignorance.
Do you like it when see all
Admitted ages continue dying,
Dying because of you lack
Obedient in your

Doctor tell me here…do you
Benefits from all corpse,
Corpse that are in your
Hospitals. My government
You are in charge maybe,
You can tell me better
Than my own wonders.

Don’t lie…please don’t lie
To your poor guy this time.
On my way out at Mamelodi
Hospitals that gate told me
Everything about the corpse
that are passing through the gate.

Tell me…what is it that is killing
Our people in Hospitals so
Uncontrollable. I am the
Concern obedient Citizen.
I guess the is a money involved.