Lost a rare, valuable, refulgent and praiseworthy girlfriend
Through my crass acts, I got my pupil clouded with norms,
I did things without taking ramifications for a walk in my mind
It was on a winter Monday
When I got a call from her to say
“You utterly squashed and crashed my already crashed cardio”
With a crumpled voice like a broken radio,
Stuttering and muttering trying to respond.

And once again I dribbled and dimpled her soul
And again, I made her rain tears
I was a child, I don’t know

I flashback to the golden moments
Long walks coupled with loud talks
Vexatious laughs spiced with bona fide smiles
A drink of passionate kisses on the side
And served with a dessert of a lot of “I love you’s”

But again I tricked her heart into love and betrayed it
I dribbled and disturbed her peace
I was a child, I don’t know

Her in dresses looking like Cinderella
Even under an umbrella she is sparkling like a shooting star
It’s elusive and flummoxing
To see myself changing a beautiful love story
Like the newspapers’ front page, I got all the glares
You get the gist of my recession
I was intoxicated with fame and normals
I felt the heat and disjointed the join
Not knowing I was damaging the princess

A tweak in our love meant a drill by a peak in her mind
But again I paralysed her ability to fall in love with love again
I was a child, but I don’t know

I guess she stood by the mirror and saw a diamond
Certainly, she smiled fiercely and dried her tears
That’s when she comprehended that
Eggs don’t swim to semen
Quick move, she picks up a phone and call it quits

Heart in my throat, I can’t breathe
I tried to play love but it played me
I was a child, but I don’t know.