Once upon a time I was happy,
Now I’m all sad
I once shared smiles with strangers,
But now I’m so shallow and broken
My heart once knew joy
But now it’s filled willed with scars
My heart skipped a bit once upon a time
When I ran through the valleys
And up the mountains with no care of tomorrow
I once didn’t care about tomorrow
And lived for the day
But now all I do
Is kill myself with the thought of tomorrow

I’ve died
My spirit is gone, though I still breathe
My mind so still, yet so confused and lost
My body ain’t functioning
Though I’m unconsciously moving around
My eyes be looking but I can’t see what’s going on around me
Ears be listening but no sound is heard
Indeed I have died

I’m locked in a place of my own
Drowning in my own tears
All I could possibly need is nothing but a friend (God)
Everything I ever worked for
Seems to be lost in the mist I’m heading for

I’m climbing mountains
I’m swimming oceans
But there’s no promise that I’ll make it out of this mist
For I have died and this seems to be my new home

The little life I was once borrowed has been taken
By the rightful owner
I cannot help but give up
For I have indeed died
And this place I am in is no Heaven

Crazy I know