I have bruises
Both physical and emotional
I’m immune to his punches and kicks
My heart is immune to his lies and cheating
I come back for more
I only exercise my power in confrontations of his actions
Only for them to be taken out by a single clap
My confrontations only last for minutes
Lasts for hours
He will change
I keep saying that
Who am I to change a broken man?
Who am I to change an angry man?
I come back for more
‘Cause there’s this hope that he keeps on saying when he apologises
Those apologies only last when the season of his mood is summer
Once we reach winter
He becomes one with winter
I come back for more
‘Cause I’m used to having him around
I don’t want a new thing with another person
I hang on to false hope
Only I can say it’s enough,
Only I can say I’m done