For all is now done
The book has been closed
Scrolls of life rolled over
Happiness is now history
Joy has become a mystery
And fun, misery
Sadness and loneliness
Welcome home

Things have changed
People give no care about each other no more
We’re growing reckless
The battle is now on
Now our eyes are open
Though the mind is swollen
And the life is stolen

In this battle of anticipation
Participation seems to have no effect
Communication is important no more
Therefore the essence of life

Friends and family claim that I’ve changed
Indeed I am changing but for the better
In times of sorrow
People will dump you like a rotten potato
In times of joy and happiness
Fake characters of “love” appear
And that’s why I got my own vision that no one else sees

I live to die alone during my painful, stressful struggles
Pain and sorrow pierces through my heart
I was born alone and will die alone
I came with no one on this earth
And will remain a standout amongst the crowd

Alone I fight during my struggles
And crowded is my door during my success
Friends aren’t meant to stay together forever
For everyone changes from time to time
They revolve then evolve like a fading flower
That is about to blossom

See you by the gate of success
I’ll be there
But for now, I’ll stay away
Success is mine and it ain’t ours
Everyone is destined for success
But the decision is ours to pick either achievement or failure