Just go and floss.
These days you are ex,
You seemed timid,
To you, you are someone I don’t need,
You are skinny, with chocolates I fed
You. I was on holiday when you seduced me,
I was staying on a bench,
You remember that day
I was coming from church.
You kissed me,
I was caught without action,
Staggered by a girl’s intention.
I kissed you back to cover my shock,
You raised me out of my chair,
When I offered you a look,
You commenced with your action.
I didn’t stop, mom called me
That’s when you stop.

I didn’t know this would end like this
But it culminated when your kisses weren’t tastin’,
You didn’t offer me a time,
But all you know is keeping trollin’.
I moved on because of that and now
You always create fairytales
That keep biting my name piece by piece,
When I asked you, you said you didn’t know,
Please girl, leave me in peace,
Not in pieces,
‘Cause my face will be woven in grimaces,
Tie up your shoe laces,
And go to school,
Lady, understand with you, I am cool.

Your false stories you said about me,
I know them all,
I would be glad if you’d erase your damn lie.
With this lie I fall,
With all this drama you gave to my girls,
Just let me lie in bed and be happy, leave me.
Never want attention by putting smudge on my name,
With all this drama,
To your friends,
With my name don’t lie.