Wow, a standing ovation for your call
Respecting the love you have for mother Africa
If our fathers could hold still in the lines of their enemies,
Dying for the course of the call
Why our mothers sang their names for strength

They ate not the white man’s seeds
Oh! how mother Africa fed them with fufu, kenke.
Now today we fight a greater war, I am on call
My strength that comes from the love the earth has
Shown me, the lines my father’s father held.

I am on call, a call of duty fighting the voices in my head,
Who shall save me from this Battle,
(boom) They have come again
Even the roof now sings in pain of their rage
The cries of babies I can’t bear.

I am on call, I stand as one
I am a son of the soil and,
Africa grew me and Africa my defence, Africa my home
Mother Africa who watched me fall on my back,
When my legs were still as weak as the waters

I am on call, today in the line of duty,
Africa I am Africa I stand for Africa,
My Africa my bloodline
My home Africa, my mother
Africa do you know I am on call?