Standing out in society that is binary
Different flavours and tastes in a melting pot of ebony
An infusion of colour and appeal
Different brushes and strokes
A thousand colours and shades
Tell a story of a thousand words about me

Not many like such a picture
It can be unflattering to the eye of the beholder
It may receive negative criticism
And sometimes even a cold shoulder
In some cases I’m an outsider
But once you get to know me
You’ll find my story is a saga

In my hand, I hold a gift of the gods
An abundant source of ever-flowing ink
It cascades from my fingers and drips on the masses
Ink that is strong, mighty, powerful
Some that will stain even the purest of souls

This is me
The real me
The one who is unique
Unashamed of his looks
Unapologetic about his speech
Unregretful of his past
The one who has perfect imperfections
Not a mirage or illusion
Different pages and chapters
All come to make a great life story
This is the true me
This is the story of me

Are you willing to turn my pages?