I am Africa – Kamo the outcast
I am Africa, my heart beats to the djembe drums
my blood flows endlessly like the Nile river.
I am as kind as a Khoi-san herdsman.
Yes, I am strong, I am African.
I survived colonisation and slavery.
I stand in the Kilimanjaro and salute my forefathers.

Oh, who would I be without the diversity of my people,
the Igbo, Zulu and Egyptians?
I sing songs sung by my ancestors,
I pray to the Almighty by dancing the Adamu as I soar high
And I thank him for the beauty he gave me.
Yes, I am African.

The treasure left behind
Benedict Moore
I didn’t notice it much, not until now,
the moments and years we shared together
were the greatest treasures, I left behind.
How did I let myself get so carried away,
buried deep in the heart of power, money and fame,
leaving behind the treasure I searched for?

After all I have gained, through the struggles,
hardships, stormy weather and rain,
I realised you are the greatest treasure I left behind.
With you, my heart still belongs and will remain.
Remember that laughter and those nights we shared,
when you said that you would be with me forever?
I hope you forgive me, I will forever be sorry.