I am the water that breaks riverbanks.
I am the machines that drill the underground
To find hidden treasures.
I am the only hand artificial enough
To mould and bring about life.

I am a woman.
I am the oasis in the desert.
I am the rain that could stop the fires of hell.
The creature that only roars to protect its offspring.
Blame me for enduring the bitterness of marriage,
It was for my children.
I might have been weak but I never let that show,
For I am the last breath of my country.

I am the rotten potato you threw out not knowing
I grow even under severe conditions
I am the mouth-watering fruit that forms in the icy
Weather of winter protected by frost pocket.
Appreciated or not my greatness continues
‘Cause I am the ladder that lifts every successful man.
Even in my nakedness I cover the disobedience of my children
With my bare skin.
I am a woman and I am KING.