I blow everywhere
I know you don’t understand me.
I am bird, you are my wings to fly.
You wipe every tear in my cry.
Your heart ‘isses me in distance to repatriate my sigh,
With you, I am lion; I always find right ways to roar
Please understand, I will love you more
Even if world see us no more.

Beyond my own my imagination, there is more you.
I see nothing that can depreciate our love,
Even every gorge of my heart yearns for you.
I will always love you

I don’t want to disappoint you,
But to love you –
I don’t want you no more, I love you more.
What if you love me but you don’t know.
What if I like them but I love you.
What if I have all but you don’t know.
What if heart bleeds when I am out of me, but on you.