Words are encores of the soul,
The depth of one’s emotional utterances.
Originating from the core of one’s heart,
In abundance and that I know.
I now comprehend,

For his words were sharp verbal arrows headed for me.
I reluctantly struggled to catch my breath
As he somewhat aimed at me.
Even after years I still sense his shadow;
His heartless utterances left a print on my heart.

I have been hiding in my cold emotions,
Meandering in my own broken soul.
Protecting myself from his likeness and
Hiding from the permeating resonance of him.

I desired only cupid’s arrows
To pierce me with the arrows of love.
His words knocked me over,
They made me hollow with pain
And he was too ignorant to see.
I still fell strangely in his arms,
Even though death had given me several conniving winks.