As it has snowed for weeks on
I’m seated by the window in the study
And I glance at the old crippled swing in what used to be our back yard
And return to the black desk in front of me
I find…
Cramped up letters of our youth during days of war that the world was facing
It seemed unreal that two unlike charges would create such a force
Our words gave life to ink and paper,
Winter was summer as your smile was the genesis to the beauty that my life was
Often I was blinded by the vastness of the world
And would spend days with light denied
Yet your voice touched my heart with comforting words that led the way back home
Photosynthesis ceased to exist for this tree is drying out
As the roots that kept it growing have been cut short

I stand up and have in my hand a picture of you
Tears start falling down my cheeks that once were full of smiles
Seeing that you were wearing your wedding dress
The one that you wore for our last goodbyes
The last time I saw you
The time I felt your ice cold lips on that cold winter morning
As the forger of my life was lowered down
The day I lost my heart’s needle