The invisible brick wall made around us all
Sucking up kids who are willing to take the fall
Our purpose in life is to live out our call
But people rather get foolish and burn farm stalls
So don’t be afraid to pick up the ball
These are the mean streets of Lentegeur after all
Where Crime comes down hard like a waterfall
Cops on a drug bust opposite the mall
Teenage girls getting ready to go to the jol
Ouens on the corner shouting “die noma maak vol”
If you know the lingo then take out your zol.

Walking in the PLAIN you checking every corner
So many guns on the streets it’s like they protecting the border
Kids ready for the kill just awaiting their orders
In broad daylight caught on a video recorder…

As I gaze in the eyes of some people I used to know
I see heartache, pain and sorrow, on their faces it shows
No one really knows how deep the rabbit hole goes
Just be alert at all times and stay on your toes
As nobody can say which way the wind blows

Innocent people getting killed in a drive-by
Pain of a grieving mom when her son dies
Revenge is sweeter than honey but attracts lies
Take a walk in my shoes and see how time flies in 7785.