I thought you were a rose
And you were.
I thought you were more than a star,
A universe untamed waiting to shine bright,
I wasn’t wrong.

I thought moons and skies would kneel at the altar of your beauty,
And speak of how amazing are the blinks of your eyes,
That amaze the view like dawn and twilight,
I was so correct.

You are a rare specimen,
A gift found in nature
But not from nature.
Your existence surpasses my words,
Though I’m loaded with words,
You, my lady, mute the heaven out of the syllables of my mouth,
And make sure I release no sound.

You are all of that,
But truly from the start,
A bird sung in my ear
And a beat hit my sternum:
You are all that
But you are not for me.

We are two beings of different worlds,
They say opposites attract
But we, my love, were an extreme
And we wouldn’t reign supreme.

With words being said,
And tears being shed.
I give you this
And this alone.