Here I am rising like a phoenix
Here I stand by my feelings
I’ve been through the flames
I’ve played all the games
My name shamed
I was blamed
But I still held on
Even though you were gone

I kept my faith that one day you would return to your senses
I cried the 7 seas for you
My love 4 you is true
I love you with all my heart

Despite the past you are the man of my life
I just wish you would make me your wife
We could raise our kids together
We could face every weather
It’s just a pity you used to love me
Now I love you
You love her
She loves you.

There’s nothing I can do about it
Cause I love you I let you go
Go on be happy
I’m happy for you
Long live the king of my heart
My tears have dried
My faith has died
Goodbye is the beginning of my new chapter.