Why did you hold my hands tight
in front of people and pretended as if you loved me but
deep inside your heart never did?
I hate gold diggers.

You never let go of me and you made me believe
that you truly loved me while you never did.
You wanted me to attach to you so you would
gain access to my personal belongings.

Why did I allow you to draw close to my
heart? Because, actually, you never deserved
no love from me! Damn, I hate gold diggers!
I don’t ever wanna feel your heart beat, you
broke all my trust. I loved you truly with all of
my life but you never felt that, instead you fooled and
played with my feelings.

I should have never allowed you to rest on my chest.
Why did I give you my love? Because you belonged to
someone else. You just wanted to use and dump me
after you gained all that you wanted from me,
but now I’ve learned a huge lesson.

Thanks to you gold diggers, now I know what
to do when I fall in love with people like you.
Before my heart is stolen and robbed again.

I’ll never let any beautiful girl fool me ever again.
No fake relationships will I allow to even pass a
single night in my life ever again. No more.

Love no more for gold diggers I’ll find someone
loyal and trust worthy to give my love to and I
pray one day to find that one special being I’m
waiting for in my life.