Grateful I am

Grateful I will be

Grateful forever

The woman who loved me from the root

The root that gives eternal connection

That no one could ever imagine.

One might say I’m obsessed, so what if I am

I’m with her and she is with me

The thought of her gives me motherly love

Yes she is my godmother, my sunshine, my well-being, my motivation, you name it.

Have you ever had a human god, oh yes she is one

Always is light in the middle of a dark tunnel

Can I be her instead of a toxic being?

Can I have her pure soul

Lord I pray, I seek her within me

Death do not take her from me, till I show her the results of her blessings

Shower her with all that she has ever prayed for.

My god, you know how much I love her

The unconditional love everyone seeks

Yes she deserves such.