Pride comes just before a fall
Daylight comes just before nightfall
Laughter comes just before tears roll
Seven years of bumper harvest,
Come before seven years of severe drought
A term of glory,
Comes before a term of deprecating
What goes up must come down!

I never saw it coming
Those who once smiled at me,
Now frown at me
Those who once welcomed me,
Now chase me away
Those who once loved me,
Now hate me
Those who I once called friends,
Now call me enemy

I never saw it coming
I was never bewitched,
I was never robbed
I was never duped,
I was never ransacked
I was never attacked,
I was never ambushed
I was never waylaid,
I was never blindfolded

I never saw it coming
What lips have my lips kissed?
What blemish have my hands touched?
What virus has my blood been infected?
What juju has my body smeared?

What deity has my mouth cursed?
What illusion am I my witnessing?
What nightmare am I experiencing?
What point have I missed?

I never saw it coming
If wishes were horses,
Beggars would ride
If dreams were reality,
No one would suffer
If I could turn back time,
I would be rich again
How tables have turned,
From riches to rags

I never saw it coming