Light attracts everyone.
You try to find someone who will
Fall in love with your darkness.
Your flaws.
Your weaknesses.
When thousands of masks fly to hell.
Who will receive your demons..
That come knocking.

Find someone who dwells in your heart without fear.
That will be a place you can call home.
In this web of lies, incomplete darkness.
She will see your tricks.
She can strike them from within.

Left forever under the skin.
Spreading through the veins will not break your spirits.
She will teach you how to live.
Pumping love into you immensely.
Without any expectation in return.
It will become your weakness and your
Most incredible strength at the same time.

You will love when they return the beam of love back to you.
Even from the purest heart of gift.
I just love to see and hear love stories.
Those are priceless moments in my memory.