Like in the garden of Eden,
I feel fresh love inside my heart.
You are the most important
reason why I still love and care.
I fell in love just the first time I
saw you,
And I am glad I still
feel the same way.
You burn my heart to ashes and
I hope I am doing the same to you.

I love the way you keep on burning my heart,
Because I know you are the only one who will
Cool it down.
Like the Christian who believes in
Christ, I am a lover who believes in your love.
Like Valentine who died for love,
I’ll do the same for you.
I never want any male mirror who
will reflect my love away from you.
I am a loving lover, not a fighter,
but I will fight for your love as it means a lot to me.

I’ve been watching you a long time,
But when I wanted to speak to you
My emotions started running wild.
My tongue paused, I turned to a
Voiceless man.
Every night when I sleep I had a dream about you,
Kissing and hugging you,
But when I wake up,
I usually cry as I had a strong
Fear of losing you before I got in to your heart.
But I am gladly glad that I am now
In love with you.
And what I can say is that,
You are flowers in my garden