Why are our hearts filled with a loathing of other people’s cultures?
Why don’t we accept that all cultures are created and gifted to diverse creatures?
Why can’t we stop tarnishing our beautiful traditions?

Our obnoxious attitude is smoothly liquidating
and liquidising the peace that was fought for,
And slowly installing the conscious of jealousy and cruelty,
Our hatred has become a burden over my shoulders,
The world around me is debilitating as if I could possibly descend from it.

We keep on scorning other people’s ways of living
Thinking that we are amicable and impeccable,
We put others at bay, like a rotten potato,
Indeed a malicious gossip of other people’s cultures is running in our blood streams,
Or is there one who was told that his or her culture is the chosen one?
I doubt if one was told.
We don’t realise that we are all created equally, regardless of race or creed.

Let’s get together and mix cultures,
Let’s get together and change the world,
Not to make others feel restless and useless,
Let’s all praise the gorgeousness of all cultures and religions,
Let’s adhere to our country’s motto
And stop running from other people’s cultures
Like a herd of buffaloes running from a pack of lions,
Because the haters of cultures are the enemies of love.