The dream out of it leads to bright future
Serving as its slave carry through quality rewards
Investing today for a better tomorrow is worthy a life time
Being passionate and committed are the requirements
Stay focussed to never misplace your attention.

We can all live our lives but without it the future is doomed
It’s the only present tangible investment nowadays
This journey is harder and it requires bravery
Courage and hard work are advised to any candidate embarking on such venture
Working in collaboration is a powerful manner of achieving.

Collaboration with LEARNERS MOVEMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA (LEMOSA) is worthy it
We may all think differently but we don’t know the boarder of education
It consists of many crises that lead up to learners being abused
LEARNERS MOVEMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA serves as the representative of us all
It brings about solidarity amongst the broader household of education.

Throughout our country the norms of violation towards learners are applied timeously
That’s exactly whereby the LEARNERS MOVEMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA comes to rescue us
Education is the priority to the organisation as in like to us
We express and LEARNERS MOVEMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA act in our demands
Solidarity is the boundary of any obstacle claiming our way