If you die now, my children not yet born
will never see the beauty of our land.
There’ll be no fish and no birds
to swim and to fly.
What would we breathe without the oxygen?
What would we drink without the water?
Global warming, I’m scared you’ll murder our Earth.

Let’s all stand firm up
and put an end and a stop sign to this mess.
Lend your hand to the land.
Don’t submerge, please global warming.
We are all dying now, hand in hand with the nature as well.
Earth will die
when all the fresh and green became extinct.

Our actions, my human beings
must stop generating Earth into one huge dirty bin!
Rise people of the Earth, rise!
Rise so that the Earth can also rise, and not die!
No farewell of the Earth will ever occur
but if we don’t change our way of living,
Earth will die a slow death.
But remember I said “Earth shall not die!”