Wake up quiet and peaceful,
Hearing only the sound of sweet harmonious melodies
From the birds with no doubt of being awake at all.
Filled with enormous appraisal of the great outdoor beckoning.
Resurrect my previous manners such as showering
And covering my flesh with fashionable clothing.

The sunshine would not probably be merely
An inconvenient meteorological phenomenon that exists
Purely in my home, so I’d greet this as a positive development.
Walk out with no worry of breaking any regulations.
Oh yes! Happiness and liberty.

Seeing my acquaintances after a long period.
Peace and joy ruling beyond measures.
“Large slow death shake with extra chocolate and crunchy fries, please.”
Yes, that would be my first order.
Pay undoubtedly for an overpriced meal
For satisfaction and relief from sardines at home.

I would definitely visit the zoo.
Observe the natural world more.
Value the worth of precious nature’s creations.
Do things extemporaneously.
Probably when liberated we would
Stupendously appraise the little things more.

When will walking outside be legalised?