Why do I hear drums in my dreams?
like the screaming of a woman
running away from the falling cockroach on her thighs
When the days were young and free
She was called Mai Gulu
All because of the multitude of sons and daughters
That surrounded her like a queen mother

Why do I hear drums in my dreams?
They fade away like the sobbing of a bitter wife who faints
Who is left alone in a thatched house that leaks
Looking out to all directions
Hoping to see that child whom she has ever breastfed
When all they say is, am busy
Too busy to pick a call from their mother
when times and seasons have changed

Why do I hear drums in my dreams?
Like the sound of drums in her empty stomach
All because day in day out she has nothing to eat
While her sons and daughters are busy throwing
bread to the dogs and pigs
enjoying their moments with the lovers of their youth
Forgetting the days when they were young and hopeless
Clinging to the endless love of the mothers

Why do I hear drums in my dreams?
like the slapping of the chest of that woman
who couldn’t believe her sons and daughters
who she raised and taught how to wall and talk
Have totally forget the breast they fed on to grow
All because of the pressures of this world

But remember my son
When you cry I cry too
When you were sick I was always there for you
My daughter, was I not the one, who taught you how to cook?
was I not the one who taught you how to handle that man?
l chose not to eat all so that you could learn
l chose to sell out my treasures so at least one day
you shall be my helping hand

why do I hear drums in my dream?
Like the cry of that son and daughter
who now have remembered the importance
of their mother, when she has long gone
to the world of the dead
with their flowers on her grave
They have regrets and shame all over their faces