Have you?
Have you loved as if you’re dying tomorrow?
Have you loved so much that it makes you cry?
Have you?
I can’t describe it, I can’t explain it,

I think she doesn’t know how much I love her,
I think she hasn’t seen the best yet.
Whenever I talk with her I get butterflies,
My heart beats faster and slower at the same time,
I smile at the phone, my heart skips beats,
I blush, I glow
She sends ‘I love you’ I shed a tear of joy,
A tear of purely loving her
She’s the reason I want to be happy
So that she will be happy and we will be happy together,
Ever since I found her the first thing I do when I open my eyes
I check for her text on my phone,
She’s always on mind,
I see the first letter of her name
I think of her,
I’m sleeping and I dream of her
I’m not a dreamer but she’s always here with me,
When I see her calling
I scream, I do victory dances

Is it too much?
I’m I being silly?
Sometimes I think of the ways I can portray my love to her,
I always need something to make her blush so I’ll deeply be happy,
When I think of how much I love her, my brain can’t even stand it,
If I got a dollar for every time I smile alone thinking of her
I would be Bill Gates by now
God created heaven and earth
Then she decided to portray an angel for me,
Thank you God, because I found my one,

She’s the lover I always needed,
She lacks nothing, she’s not perfect
but she’s imperfectly perfect, do you get me?
She has this thing about her
I don’t know it but it just turns me into a sickly in love puppy,
Even right now I lack the words to describe her
I lack the words to explain this love,
I lack the ways to explain this affection,
But above all, I know it’s love that’s deep in my skin,
It’s deep in the soul,
It’s deep for her,
What I know is I love her.