All has changed

I am a loner
A broken person with a shattered soul
What went wrong?

Who am I?
What happened to me?
These are the questions that flood my mind

It started with one person then all the others followed
I am a loner, a tortured soul
I tried bearing it all,
But I just can’t take these words in anymore
They sting more than the bee’s sword-like sting
They can bury a person alive
They are the cause of death
so I call them the Death Bringer

Absorbing these words and using them
as some other manufactured good Is not working out
Because my life isn’t Geography, nor is it Life Sciences

I am a broken soul with a broken mind
Have you ever felt left out in your own movie
Have you ever felt numb, as if you’ve been sedated with some chemical
But that chemical is not a chemical
It’s just spiteful words with a strong background

Wish I could twist and turn, but I’m still living with anger
My mind is filled with Why, How, What, When and Where
I can’t deal with carrying this burden
I need someone to carry it with me

Who is that someone?
Where can I find her/him?
Does that someone exist?
I don’t know, Do you?