Death doesn’t have sympathy
Death, such a thief, a tractor to a person’s heart
How disrespectful you are
There’s no language which you understand
Thousands of words don’t scare you.
Not to mention poor tears, don’t shake you

Who are you by the way?
Dark cloud or sleep or?
Where is my father you took away from me
Nine years ago, the list goes, my loved ones? Mmmh?
No words, tears, sacrifices, songs, cries, praises,
Not even money can bring them back.
They are gone and the whole world feels depopulated

Pain you left in many.
Scars that will never be mended, unhealed wounds.
You only left broken souls, heart, minds
You invited depression, anger, anxiety, infirmities,
Hunger, the list goes
Isn’t that enough already?

When do you get tired or full?
What does sufficient mean to you?
How do you choose your menu?
Innocent, young or old, black or white,
Good or bad, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor? Tell me
Because even a pig doesn’t eat everything that comes,
It gets full and tired but you, you don’t

The fear of sleeping not knowing whether
You will wake up or not, you don’t have a clock
How to run away from you?
You don’t have signs or indications of your arrival.
There is no place to hide from you.
I wish there was one place in this earth
Where I would see you no more
Death knocks for everyone
We’re all going to die one day
If you were a good listener I was going to ask you one thing
Please forgive the young, innocents and those who are not ready.
Death, when do you get enough?
Hands off now hands off enough!!