Stars will have to cry their
Tears must fall flooded with joy,
Joy begotten by witnessing our love
Girl, you attend the invitations
From my soul you are just the
Perfect piece that completes me
I’m grateful that we did meet in
This life I’m loving you as a stranger
even tomorrow when you are known,

I’ll still be loving you take
Refuge amid my heart and become
My light of joy for you are a
Mother of generations to come
In you, I have a sister in you,
I have a mother in you, I have
A sitter and in you, I have a
Builder you are a queen made
For a king mother of a dynasty

Dear woman! You who are wombs
Where life begins, I appreciate a
Gift you are from nature salute!
To a God that you are I say,
Salute to a God that you are
Without you in my life, I
Would be nobody without you
In my life, I would be so lonely
Dear woman, salute to a god
That you are
Dear woman, I’m grateful of
A gift you are.