How long will you settle for second best?
How long will you be OK to be an option?
You have traded your soul for only two minutes of fun
How long must your heart break?
All the sweet nothing whispers are only temporary
Oh yini mntanasekhaya

You live in fear
You are just one dirty little secret
Why do you settle for less?
What happened to self-love?
Oh Nontyatyambo

You have a choice to walk away
Why do you linger on?
Do you know that you are beautiful?
Nontyantyambo khumbula unexabiso
Uyathandwa ekhaya yini ude ubelixhoba.

I know you feel empty
I know you feel a void
That’s why you are looking for his attention
He treats you like something cheap
Asking for your nudes for his fun
You are nothing but a booty call to him
Wake up and walk away

Ekhaya basa kuthanda
Tell yourself that you are nobody’s side chick
Go and get what is yours
Someone somewhere will love and respect you
Zithande Nontyatyambo.