I’ve been waiting for you, for as long as I can remember.
Now that I think those footsteps at my door are yours,
And that knock is yours, I stand up from my shallow slumber,
I open the door.
I hope you find a home in me.

Wow! Dear No One
You have such a beautiful voice.
The type of voice that could even command one to jump off a cliff.
And one would.
Dear No One, I’m happy your intentions are clear.
From the very word go you put your cards on the table.
You come in the name of love.

Dear No One, I unexplainably love your frequent and long calls.
I’m unexplainably intoxicated from their highs.
Dear No One, as I get to know you I think I love you.
But Dear No One…I find you so intimidating.
You are full of drive, full of fire and full of passion.
You’re so specific in what you want…
I almost want to fake myself for you.

Dear No One, I heard you say you need a woman
Who is more of woman. I heard you say you like “responsible.”
I also heard you say a car can only have one driver.
I hear you commending submissiveness.

Dear No One, I find those of your words very thought provoking.
Dear No One, today as we spoke more I saw in my mind’s eye
That I need to step up and up my game.
No One, you make me want to surrender myself
Whilst my guard is also fighting and screaming “NO!”

Dear No One who professes to love me and confesses to be simple.
I cannot wait to see you. I know nothing about the road,
But I would like to walk beside you. I am not prepared,
I am not ready, but this is a walk I am willing to take.

Dear No One! I wonder what’s your favourite song.
What’s your favourite colour? I learn a lot about personality from there.
Would you like to travel? If you couldn’t fail what would you try?
What are your five top values? What would be “a life well lived” for you?
What is your love language? Tell me about one time
You didn’t get what you wanted…And how did you react?
Now rest your head, let’s listen to a song

The list goes on and on, but Dear No One,
I find you fascinating and Dear No One, it’s nice to meet you.

Sincerely yours,

Your Someday Girl