Have you ever notice the gaze on blaze of sun,
Dancing like lady lips dripping sauce,
My heart is felt pale to run on broken fun,
My mind can’t find anything to interlace the broken vows,
You felt for it when my lips felt ice.
Cold heart ferociously broken in mist,
No men see pieces.
Dark men keep trolling for smile in broken roses,
Dad told my stories to old woman?

Smile shimmering in glance of my life teacher,
That old man standing in old chair asked:
“Son have you ever seen a star?”
I told the old man, “Star was a navigator, can I be your current navigator?”
Old man held palm of hand to his old woman and said:
“Just Maker is navigator of all times!”
In shock, I reminisce about my demise
Falling apart, I rise up when Trinity gathered.
Love consolation: God