I walked around till
The sun set,
Changing settings,
Searching for love,
My mind spinning,
Like I was drunk,
Looking for love,
Splitting myself into halves,
Seeking laughter,
But I keep on hitting
The tough rock,
With the hard knock,

The ones I loved,
They played me
Like a toy,
I’m just a boy,
Who needs love,
Like a calf,
The ones I trusted,
They betrayed me,
I wonder what
I have done to you,
You turned my heart
Into a playground hut,

I am throwing a towel,
My eyes drooping like an owl,
My heart is abandoned mine,
I Have Walked Thousands of Miles,
But I Still Can’t Smile,
Love failed me,
It is not on my menu,
Let’s Face The Truth,
Before It Fades Away,