Do you remember when you saw me
Just after you’d come out, before I could go inside
Walking along the fence but on different sides
Heading in different directions, our bond untied

If only I had known what you had left below
Would I have grabbed and pulled your hand
Before pushing you down my own tunnel of life
So you could take my place and avoid your end?

Sadly, it’s now a bit too late for that
So I am rolling back the clock, to that date
Just before that crafty car crash in Xmas ‘88
So I may take your place and change you fate
Before your daughter could lose at the age of eight

So that she may never lose that joyful part of herself
Nor bear a single tear or crack in her heart
That your early and unexpected departure left
So she and I can fully taste, and never be
Deprived of a mother’s love ever again